Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girls Rule!!!

Another set of birthday cakes using edible image. The "Mulan-Rynna" cake was the second edible image which I designed. It was difficult to find the perfect picture to match Ryanna's original picture but when I found this particular picture of Mulan, I was ecstatic. It fitted exactly perfect with Ryanna's. So, with some creativity and imagination, this is what I was able to come up with. I'm so glad that my dearest friend, Shireen, was very happy.

This is cake was ordered by my dear friend, Janet. I'm very touched with her story on how she surprised her daughter with the birthday cake. Of course, she threw a birthday party but no one was allowed to peep at the birthday cake, not even her other children. Because the cake was covered in sugarpaste, it was safe to leave it in the closet, instead of the refrigerator. So, the time has arrived for the candle blowing and cake cutting. The cake was carried into the hall .... and for the first time, the birthday girl, Megan, saw the cake. No words came out from her mouth.. SHE WAS SPEECHLESS. Hence, Janet asked Megan if she likes the cake. Megan said that she LOVED the cake!!!! Seeing the cake, having her photo together with Lizzie Mcguire were too much for Megan... Of course, as a mother, if the child is happy, Janet was too. And as for me, if my customer is happy, it's worth all my time and effort.

The thing that I like about this case was the challenge to come up with the edible picture. The girl, Seetha, was actually hugging her father. Whereas, it was difficult to find a decent picture of Christina Aguillera. I was lucky to find the one of Christina which is very decent, a picture which would be instantly approved by mothers. So, finally, I managed to come out with this edible image and cake.

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